Pastor Barbara Green Becomes A NoiseMaker

Uplifting & Encouraging Other Ministry Leaders

Pastor Barbara Green has a heart for the people and a shoulder for the Faith workers. Growing up in a small rural town in Mississippi, Pastor Green understands what it means to live in poverty. Her work in ministry as charged by God is to help his people. Those that have fallen on hard times and just need a hand up, but then there are the Faith workers who have been charged just like her to uplift the people who are struggling. Pastor Barbara get those calls that no one else knows about, because these Faith workers have to be strong for the ones that they are leading, but they themselves are bleeding in the dark. That is why Pastor Barbara has named her new podcast Bleeding In The Dark to support all of the other Faith workers who are struggling. Bleeding In The Dark will officially launch on January 6, 2020. Noise Media is proud to be in a position to help Pastor Barbara with the launch of her new podcast. With a new vision and a new platform Pastor Barbara hopes to support, encourage and give advice to the leaders who are leading in the spotlight by day and Bleeding In The Dark at night.

More information about Pastor Barbara and her ministry will be coming soon as an update.