Case Studies

Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Eastside Chamber wanted to move the in a new and exciting direction, and give its members more exposure opportunities for their business. They were already publishing a weekly newsletter, but they wanted to do even more. Happy to help them help their members this is what we did.

Solution: We launched a chamber branded podcast that allow members to add content about them and their business. NoiseMaker magazine became the official magazine for the chamber as well.

Greater Eastside Chamber Of Commerce wanted to create more opportunities for the members to get great exposure. Online TV is not new, but it’s now available to the general public who want to commit to being on these plaforms.

Solution: We launched Impact Business Network on Amazon & Roku for the chamber. Now the chamber will be able profile the members on streaming TV.

Dr. Linda Chinn Ministries

Dr. Chinn wanted to launch a podcast to promote the good word and her ministry, however she didn’t want to go it alone. She was new to podcasting and did not want to do the show by herself. She also wanted people to easily go back and listen to the show at their leisure.

Solution: We launched Keeping It Real With Dr. Chinn as a part of our cohosting program, where every two weeks Dr. Chinn’s show is produced with a cohost. We also launched an app for her show for anyone with a mobile device to add the app to their home screen and listen to the show at their leisure.

In The Doll World With Georgette Taylor

Georgette Taylor has a love for dolls, so does thousands of others. Georgette is a doll collector and the co-inventor of the first plus-size fashion dolls. She launched her podcast In The Doll World in 2021. Looking to get even more exposure for her show she wanted to be found on Amazon devices.

Solution: Amazon makes a variety of smart home devices and smart speakers. One of their more popular device is the Amazon Echo Dot. To help Georgette create even more exposure for her podcast In The Doll World, we were able to develop her very own In The Doll World app for Amazon devices which includes the Echo Dot and the Echo Show.

By Faith Global Ministries

By Faith Global Ministries is a nonprofit organization founded by Pastor Barbara Green. Pastor Green found herself constantly counseling other pastors, who would preach a service on Sunday, but then cry in the dark later. After realizing that this was a common theme, she wanted to reach even more pastors, so we stepped in to help her help others who needed to hear her message of hope around the world.

Solution: We launched the Bleeding In The Dark Podcast For Pastor Green, which is syndicated on all major podcast platforms.

L & D Clark Consultants

This husband and wife duo wanted something that they could do together. Lamar & Dorshell Clark have been married for 10 years and was looking for a new business that would allow them both to retire. Dorshell works in law enforcement and Lamar has grooming business that caters to men. Lamar had watched videos about podcasting but still needed more help getting started.

Solution: Lamar took the Podcast University course and his wife did one-on-one coaching sessions so that she could become the producer of People Think About while Lamar would host the show.

Georgia State Rep. Donna McCleod

Georgia State Rep. Donna McCleod decided to run for Congress and because she was the underdog she needed to reach as many people as possible. She wanted to put her message in the front of the residents who lived in certain zip codes in Gwinnett County, GA.

Solution: We launched a 5 day geofencing campaign that targeted 5 different zip codes for her and she was able to reach over 315,000 potential voters during her campaign.

Family Unification Network

Family Unification Network is a nonprofit focused on helping women who are formerly incarcerated and those who are still serving time turn their life around. Every year at Christmas time the organization collects soap donations to send to the women in prison. During the height of the Covid Pandemic it was difficult to accept donations in person. We were able to assist them with getting the soap donations and money donations for the women.

Solution: We were able to interview the founder on of the organization on the Good Morning Gwinnett show and also get her booked on other shows where she got to talk about her cause and ask for donations to be purchased from Amazon and sent to her home. They were able to get hundreds of bars of soap dropped off on the front porch of the founder.