Hi, I’m Audrey

I am a die hard entrepreneur and have been one for almost 23 years. I’ve been podcasting since about 2008. I started podcasting as just a hobby way back before podcasting became this huge industry it is now. I started out as talent in traditional radio where I hosted a show called Women In Business Today. I later moved to another station where I hosted a show called The Ask Audrey Show. I’ve been in media almost 17 years, so I guess you could say I love the media industry. Currently I host a show called Good Morning Gwinnett where I talk about people and places around Gwinnett County where I live. In 2020 I will be launching a new show called Noise Makers where I will be interviewing people who are making noise in a variety of industries. I’m an inventor the firs plus-size fashion dolls and an author of 5 books. My latest book is titled PodChix: Stories From 14 Women Who Podcast- Learn How You Can Become A Podcaster Too which can be purchased on Amazon. My new book You Got Something To Say will be released Summer 2020.

After taking some time off from podcasting I realized that I really missed it and decided to launch a new podcast called Good Morning Gwinnett. I am having so much fun doing this podcast, that I started sharing my passion for podcasting with others and helping to launch their own podcast. I’ve gone on to write a book about podcasting and now working on my second book.

I’m super excited about launching Noise Media, The Noise Factory Studio and Noise Podcast Network. Podcasting is steadily growing and there is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to make podcasting a business or who want to use podcasting to grow their business.

My team consist of myself, Georgette Taylor who is the Production Manager and a group of editors. Our goal is to help you create a message that will create massive awareness for what you do in your business.

Audrey Bell-Kearney Chief Podcast Officer

Georgette has been in media for over 20 years. She started out being a production assistant at CUNY TV in New York City. She has been in the podcasting industry since 2008. She currently host her one podcast called The Dynamic Life Show. She is an inventor and author.

Georgett Taylor & Audrey Bell-Kearney