Channel Partner

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Is building brand awareness one of your key objectives for the year ahead? If your answer is yes, then let Noise Media Network help you fulfill your objective.

The Noise Media Network can syndicate your content across our network which consist of the following platforms below. You will have the opportunity to have your very own branded sub-channel. We make it pretty simple for you to get your brand in the front of potential millions of eyeballs across these four amazing platforms. Best of all we also make it affordable.

What Is Affordable You Maybe Asking?

To have your own branded sub-channel on Noise is only $1,797 to setup your channel and $397 a month after the set-up is complete. You will billed automatically monthly unless you decided to take advantage of our pay in advance and get two months free program.

As a Channel Partner your sub-channel will be listed under one of our main categories:

  • The Business Channel
  • The Finance Channel
  • The Professionals Channel
  • The Arts & Entertainment Channel
  • The Inspiration Channel
  • The Wellness Channel

As a Channel Partner, you will have the opportunity to add up to 40 videos to your channel a year. All that entails is for you to send your completed TV ready videos to our content manager and you content will be added to your channel. That’s it. Now your channel will be available for the world to watch right from the comforts of their living rooms.

Doesn’t This Sounds Amazing? Well it is, but there is just one little thing. We are only accepting 25 Channel Partners, so acceptance is on a first come first serve basis. The way to secure your spot even if you are not ready to submit your videos is to pay the setup fee. Paying the setup fee will hold your spot until you are actually ready to launch.


The reason this fee is non-refundable is because we only have 25 slots available and if you pay the setup fee you are agreeing that you want a slot which means that this slot will not be available to someone else. So please do not pay the fee unless you are sure that you will move forward with us no matter what.

Channel Partner
  • * One Sub-Channel On The Noise Media Network
  • *Up To 40 Videos Per Channel
  • *Press Announcement To Announce The Partnership
  • *Marketing Of Channel On All Social Media Platforms
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