Campaign Branding

We help political candidates leverage the power of streaming TV & podcasting to create campaign brand awareness, more support & more votes.

Campaign Branding

If you are running for a political office getting support and votes are your primary goals and we can help you with that!

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Raise Awareness, Support & Votes

Let Us Help You Magnify Your Message

By now we’re sure that you have heard of streaming TV (i.e. Fire Stick) and podcasting. What you probably didn’t know is that you can now leverage these platforms to get your campaign message out to the masses. Your message can be streaming on platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire stick. You can also advertise on these platforms. Lets not forget about podcasting. You want to have your message heard on cell phones? Well podcast is a great way to do that, because the Apple podcast app come pre-installed on all Apple mobile devices and the same go for the Samsung phones. The more eyeballs and ears you can share your message with the better your chances of increasing your support and getting more votes

So How Can We Help You May Be Asking?

  • We will create your first 3 campaign marketing videos to start you off using stock video
  • We will create a Roku for you
  • We will create your Amazon Fire TV channel
  • We will help you set up and launch your podcast
  • We will create an Amazon Alexa skill for your podcast
  • We will train two people on your team how to manage your content on these platforms
  • We will show you how to also advertise on these platforms
  • We will show you how to leverage other peoples platforms to share your message
  • We will issue a press release announcing your distribution channels

Your One-Time Investment Is Only: $9,997.00

Ready To Get Started Today And Get A Jump On Your Opponent!